Welcome to Ecotek Holdings Pvt Ltd


We are a proud startup of founded by four  brilliant Sri Lankan Engineers representing all three  engineering faculties to cater the Sri Lankan Industries, Business and Domestic Customers with Sustainable and Enabling Solutions.  Within a very short period of time we have attracted numerous satisfactory clients.


We hope you would given us the opportunity to serve you  to make one true difference in your factory, business location or in your house.  Our motto is ” Whatever It takes to deliver customer real satisfaction”


Ever increasing costs and focus on environmental sustainability  has begun to shape  the business landscape like never before. Whilst solutions are looked for in ad hoc  basis  , mostly taking problems in isolation, This has neither solved the issues satisfactorily nor does it have ensured the long term sustainability of these businesses . EcoTek was founded  to support the long term sustainability of businesses with holistic approach to problem solving.


Key Services Offered :

  • 1. Water Purification
  • 2. Waste Water Treatment
  • 3. Water & Waste Water Chemical supplying.
  • 4. Solid Waste Management
  • 5. Noise Control
  • 6. Emission Control
  • 7. Plant & Process Productivity Improvement
  • 8. Machinery Installation & Commissioning
  • 9. Specialty Food Process Development
  • 10. Building MEP Design


Team Members



Projects Done



Happy Clients


Power & Energy

Our highly skilled engineers and technican are among very few capable people to deliver right engineering solution,

Agriculture & Livestock Farming

Our experts are in this feild are among best agricultural engineers and veterinary surgeons we will provide you viable futuristic solutions

Construction & Building

Weather you are stuck with next court hearing with almost certain shutting down of the site, we are their to assist you with world class solutions.

Food Manufacturing

Best of the best are among us with more than twenty five years of making food their life

Machinery Installation & Commissioning

Irrespective or locality or security situation of the country we provide you with world class installation on your project

Water & Waste Water

Our experts will provide you with end to end solutions big or small, industrial or domestic as per your wish

Our Core Services

Engineering Consultnacy

Our experts will provide your organization with excellent consultancy services with value for money

Turnkey Solutions

We are ready with resources to cater big, medium or small scale turnkey solutions to your projects to optimize cost quality time scales

Mechanical Engg.

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Sri Lankan Chemical Market works with superficial pricing which industries can no longer bear- we will work with you to find best chemical solutions and partners

Engineering Installations

We have linked industry best skill resources under one roof when it’s comes to installation and fabrications-specially on precision industrial installation works with over 40 years of experienced veterans on their feild and highly specialized modern crew

Power & Energy

We are environmentally responsible company-our team of experts not only works for renewable but appreciate value of sustainability